Good emotional health and improving your emotional fitness is important in maintaining a well-balanced life. Synergy can provide services to support this process ranging from a one-off check-up to a back to fitness programme.

Emotional fitness is vital for a sense of wellbeing

Increasingly emotional intelligence (EQ) is being seen as vitally important for general health, resilience and contributing towards living a fulfilled life. Few of us, however will spend little time, thought or money towards becoming emotionally fit even though 25% of the UK population will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime.

Many will understand the importance of physical exercise and good nutrition and may support this by a gym membership. To become emotionally fit will require a similar commitment and exercise programme to tone up flabby emotional muscles. Synergy offers programmes to help you achieve the benefits of emotional fitness.

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What is Emotional Health?

People who are emotionally healthy have a general sense of feeling in control of their emotions and their behaviour. They are self-aware and have the ability to feel the appropriate feeling at any given time. Emotionally healthy people are able to cope with life’s inevitable challenges, they can build strong relationships, and lead productive, fulfilling lives. When difficult things happen, emotionally healthy people are resilient and have the potential to bounce back quicker.

Good emotional health refers to your overall psychological well-being and includes the way you feel about yourself, the quality of your relationships, an ability to express your emotions and manage your feelings and deal with difficulties.

What happens when we become emotionally unfit?

Many of us develop coping strategies to help us deal with uncomfortable situations and emotions. Our strategies may include avoiding, distorting, ignoring, suppressing or projecting these feelings onto someone else.

At some point these strategies can cease to work and we find ourselves not knowing what to do.

Our feelings appear to be controlling us, making us feel out of control. On other occasions some difficult situation may arise in our lives and we find we don’t have the resources to cope and are in need of emotional support.

How do I increase my emotional fitness?

The starting point is to maintain a well-balanced life and maintaining our emotional health, which includes sleep hygiene, physical exercise, healthy relationships, play, structured days, sunlight and good nutrition.

Increasing levels of emotional fitness is a great form of self-care and can be gained by undertaking the following specific exercises.



The Benefits of Emotional Fitness

Tips on developing your emotional fitness

The Feeling Wheel

Use the feeling wheel to name what you are feeling right now.

feeling wheel emotional vocabulary

Emotional Fitness Programme

It is almost as if we live by the rule – ‘what you can’t see, can’t hurt’ and yet feelings are with us every moment of the day and one could say ‘You are what you feel’. If you fail to physically exercise you will become unfit, failure to exercise our mind – decreases the brains potential and failing to exercise our emotions makes us emotionally flabby or unfit.

The more time and energy invested into your emotional health, the stronger and fitter you will be. If we fail to use them we lose them! When is the last time you went for an emotional workout?

If you would like to improve your emotional fitness then Synergy can provide services to support this process ranging from a one-off check-up to a back to fitness programme.

Emotional fitness check-up (Emotions MOT / assessment starts from £100)

Emotional fitness programme  (Personalised fitness package to suit your needs)