Anger Management

If you feel your anger is out of control, Synergy Counselling can help you increase your self-awareness and teach healthy ways of expressing your anger through face to face counselling or online sessions. 


Anger management
sessions & programmes tailored just for you

Anger is a normal healthy emotion, neither good nor bad. When we are in tune with anger it can protect us and restore. It protects by maintaining physical and emotional boundaries. It restores by generating energy to be who we are.

However, in today’s society anger is often expressed in unhealthy ways, often due to the “protector’ becoming out of control. When anger takes centre stage, the danger is that people could lose the full spectrum of their emotions like the ability to express sadness, fear and love.

As well as providing counselling to help with Anger Management, Synergy can provide tailored anger programmes to suit your needs to include an anger assessment and a package of sessions.
We also hold Anger Management intensive workshops.  More information can be found on our workshops page.


Anger is your emotional defense system

Anger awareness is connected to emotional fitness. Anger is your unique defence system which can sometimes work by attacking others (aggression/ fight) or by attacking self (passive/ flight) or by attacking others covertly (passive-aggressive/ freeze) One of the core questions to ask ourselves is, ‘What are we defending ourselves against?’ Perhaps against feeling small and against shame, feeling invisible, feeling hurt, feeling rejected love, loss, ugly and empty.(Nick Luxmoore) Often people get angry because they are feeling powerless, small and out of control. We may have been patronised, embarrassed, humiliated, shamed or feel sad or scared. The above feelings are vulnerable feelings which often make us feel small, our defence responds through becoming bigger which often involves ANGER. However the primary feeling may actually be sadness, fear or shame.

what is rage?

Many people are unable to express their feelings or their anger at the right time and in the appropriate way. If the anger is not expressed then often it is suppressed and contained in the body. (This anger could have been suppressed for years, and never dealt with) Rage is old unexpressed anger stored up and when one is feeling stressed or out of control the rage bursts out like a volcanic eruption. Often the rage appears indiscriminately with little provocation, much like road rage.


Do you shout and have angry outbursts?
Do you often struggle to contain your anger?
Do you regularly feel irritable, moody and frustrated?
Do you harm yourself physically?
Do you harm yourself with verbal putdowns?
If you can answer yes to one of the above questions then you may be expressing your anger in an unhealthy way.

Anger Management Synergy Counselling Nottingham

“Anyone can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way – that is not within everyone’s power and that is not easy.”


Ways of expressing anger

There are many ways of expressing anger in
unhealthy ways.  Here are just a few examples.




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Self Harm

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Ways Synergy can help

We can help you increase your self-awareness & improve your communications skills

We will teach you methods for taking responsibility for your emotions and behaviour

We will work with you to discover the roots of your anger & teach healthy ways of anger expression

Together we will build your emotional fitness & develop a full expressesion of feelings

Anger Assessment – £100 per session
Individual session – £70-£80
Anger package 1 – 5 sessions paid in advance £325 -£375