Therapy for Children & Young People

Synergy Counselling has worked with hundreds of young people & has successfully supported them in increasing their mental health. We offer respectful & empathic listening, a non-judgemental attitude & an authentic presence.

It’s tough being young!

Being a child & young person is complicated today and navigating the pressures of fitting in & performing can be intense. Peer pressure, social media & family separation or blended families is increasing the complexity of an already insecure phase in an adolescent’s life. The rise of mental health issues & the general lack of happiness (see Good childhood report from the Children’s society 2015) in many of our children & young people are signs that they are finding it difficult to manage this transitory phase & are lacking development of emotional resilience.

Social media has caused an explosion of cyber bullying, sexting & social anxiety. The internet & mobile devices has increased the accessibility of pornography generating a mechanical unrealistic view of sex with the by-product of normalising expectations of certain sexual acts. This has clearly increased the premature interest, pressure & engagement in sexual acts and increased anxiety of body image issues. Screen based media has created an ‘always on’ culture making many young people chronically tired & socially anxious. Alongside this ‘Gaming’ is a big part of many adolescents culture creating positive social aspects but can also generate stress, irritation, isolation, social anxiety, body posture issues and a lack of emotional regulation.

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How Synergy can help
Children & Young People

our experience

Synergy counsellors have a wealth of experience working with children and young people. This includes working as teachers, learning mentors, youth workers and pastoral workers based in school.

Several of our counsellors trained to work with Children and Young People have worked as school counsellors or with agencies who work in schools.

how synergy works with young people

The key aspect of our work with young people is building rapport and making good and safe connections with the young clients. We offer respectful and empathic listening, a non-judgemental attitude and an authentic presence. During an assessment the counsellor will seek to help the client understand what is going on emotionally by providing psychological information. Emotional fitness tools will be suggested to help them manage and have more control over their emotional fitness. Confidentiality is really important for a successful outcome and information will only be fed back to the parent with the explicit permission from the young client.

learn to control your emotions

Top 10 Reasons Teens & Young People Seek Counselling from Synergy

Angry & aggressive behaviour

Family issues – including seperated & blended families, attachment issues.

Bereavement, grief & loss

Depression, low mood & stress related issues

ADHD/OCD/ODD and other

Anxiety, worry & sleep problems

Lack of confidence, low self esteem, low self-image

Childhood traumas & post traumatic issues

Self Harm


Mental Health
Facts & Feedback


  • 1 in 10 children (9.6%) & young people aged 5-16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health
    disorder – that is around 3 children in every class
  • Between 1 in every 12 and 1 in 15 children & young people deliberately self-harm
  • Nearly 80,000 children & young people suffer from severe depression
  • The proportion of young people aged 15-16 with a conduct disorder more than doubled between 1974 &1999
  • 3.3% or about 290,000 children & young people have an anxiety disorder


  • 85% satisfaction rate
  • 80% of young people say that their emotional well being has increased after sessions with Synergy
  • 99% of clients felt comfortable, understood & built a good rapport with the counsellor
  • 80% reported that they were able to handle their problems better because of counselling
  • 60% said that their lives had changed since working with Synergy
  • 80% gained greater awareness of feelings

So glad that James was recommended to us – perfectly understood my son & how he was feeling and provided a safe environment to offload
all his anxieties & move forward. Just what we needed!

Written by the mum of a 9 year old.