Synergy School Counselling Service

“My school counsellor was excellent, I only needed two sessions to feel myself again”
– Male student

Synergy school counselling service has a wealth of experience and can help your school to manage and increase the emotional and mental wellbeing of your school. James and his team have been working in schools for over 30 years as counsellors, pastoral staff, teachers, learning mentors, wellbeing practitioners and behaviour consultants. They have a wealth of experience in providing services to schools based in a variety of settings.

Mental health issues and emotional wellbeing has increasingly been recognised as a growing issue which can affect educational attainment with over 50% of mental illnesses beginning before the age of 14. Developing emotional fitness and normalising emotional wellbeing is very important to Synergy. Decreasing stigma and building a parity between physical and emotional fitness is key to the work we do. We believe that young people need an emotional gym to build emotional muscle and develop emotional fitness.

KEEP CALM POSTER Synergy Counselling

It’s Good To Talk

Emotions need to move and stay in motion. When students are encouraged to exercise their emotions and stretch their emotional muscles in the gym of counselling they will grow and flourish. When they are giving the right conditions and messages to integrate their whole being they can grow in self-esteem, confidence, emotional courage, resilience, and empathy.

When staff and students are emotionally fit they are able to be more in tune, more focused and express the right feelings at the right time and in the right way.

Is your school looking for a counsellor or counselling service?
Do you want to enhance the wellbeing of your students and staff?

You may be considering school counselling for the first time or you may want to increase or improve your service. We will happily assist you in this endeavour wherever you are in this process. We provide a safe and professional service including advice, qualified counsellors and the administrative elements of the process. Our counsellors work on a daily basis and can usually see up to 5 clients per day. Some schools employ us for 5 days a week term time only and others for just a day a week, it is up to you. Take a look below at the researched benefits of a counselling service.

Typical issues our
counsellors work with

Our counsellors work with a variety of issues including general anxiety, low mood, anger, stress, family issues, bereavement, sleep issues, academic anxiety, self-harm, behavioural issues, trauma, friendship, bullying issues and loss.

It works!

99% of young people accessing the service feel comfortable and listened to.

80% of students who have attended the counselling service report they are able to handle problems better after completion of counselling intervention.

Teenage school girl in blue uniform sitting down

Top 10 Benefits of
Employing a Synergy
Counsellor in your School

Access to an onsite experienced
wellbeing expert

Better attendance

Higher levels of academic attainment
and engagement in school

Better attendance

Increased development of the emotional
wellbeing of students and staff

Growth in emotional resilience
and regulation

Reduction in exclusions

Improved behaviour, self-esteem
and assertiveness of clients

Effective form of early intervention
reducing psychological stress and anxiety

Reduction in bullying

Synergy School Services

Synergy school counselling also offers a range of other services to schools. Delivering on a range of specialist subjects, synergy school counselling can deliver talks, lessons, assemblies and workshops for students, insets for staff and talks for parents. We also offer services to support staff wellbeing, including an external counselling service and supervision for staff individually and in groups.

Talks, Assemblies, Lessons and
and Workshops for Students

Below is an example of the subjects we cover. If the subject you would like us to deliver on is not included, please get in contact as we may be able to help.

1. Building mental muscle
2. How to manage anger and other difficult emotions
3. Building emotional fitness in the Emotional Gym
4. Learn how to spot the difference between a friend and a frenemy
5. How to handle bullying
6. Developing an empathic school culture in the Empathy Lab
7. Managing party culture
8. Is masculinity toxic?
9. Dealing with loss

Talks for Parents in the ‘Parent School’
and Insets for School Staff

Below is an example of the subjects we cover. If the subject you would like us to deliver on is not included, please get in contact as we may be able to help.

1. Understanding and working with challenging boys
2. Emotional Gym – Develop emotional fitness by exercising your emotions
3. Learning effective anger management skills
4. Managing stress and anxiety
5. Empathy Lab – developing a whole school empathic culture
6. Understanding boys and the male code (examining masculinity)
7. Looking after yourself (staff self-care)

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like more information about the counselling service or if you are interested in
talking to Synergy about employing an experienced school counsellor
in your school, please make contact.