and Coaching

Synergy offers individual clinical supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals. We also provide coaching and supervision services for businesses and teams.

‘Supervision helps you reflect on your work and learn from it’
– Mike Worrall

Counsellors and Psychotherapists are required to have supervision every month for them to practice ethically and competently. This work will always be with a more experienced psychotherapist and trained supervisor, who will enable you to review your practice with clients. Supervision will focus on the interactions between supervisor, counsellor and client.

The aim is to enhance best practice, build on strengths and address developmental areas. Supervision will support and enhance the individual’s professional and organisational objectives which may include: following best practice, adhering to an ethical framework, accountability, personal support and growth, and continual professional development. All of this is based on confidentiality.


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The Seven Eyes

Our supervision model is based on Shohet and Hawkins’ work described in their book – ‘Supervision in the helping professions’ (2012). They refer to the … the ‘seven eyes’ which describe the seven different ways of looking at the client presentation and related relationships.

the seven eyes focus on:

  1. Client details – understanding context
  2. Supervisee’s interventions
  3. Client–supervisee relationship
  4. Supervisee’s own experiences of being with the client
  5. Supervisor–supervisee relationship
  6. Supervisor’s own reflections
  7. Wider context of the work

Top 10 Benefits
of Supervision

Enables professional reflective practice in a
safe supportive space

Promotes continuing professional
development and best practice

Improves wellbeing

Contributes to improving work environment
and culture

Generates better patient and
client outcomes

Reviews work with clients leading to

Supports the practice of self-care and the management of case-loads

Increases positive outcomes

Enhances your ‘inner’ supervisor and the
ability to reflect and solve problems

Develops clarity and objectivity in decision making

Workplace Supervision and Coaching

Synergy offers supervision and coaching for employees and organisations, either in person or online. Offering your employees supervision has many benefits including supporting their overall wellbeing, promoting reflective practice, enhancing their skill base and staff satisfaction and retention.


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Top 5 Benefits of Supervision
for Organisations

Generates organisational confidence that staff are practising ethically and

Promotes best – practice
in the workplace

Enhances professional development

Increases staff skills in decision making and
problem solving

Reduces staff turn-over by encouraging a positive
culture and mindset

Business Workshops
and Talks

Synergy can also offer business workshops and talks on mental health and emotional fitness including but not exclusive to the following. If you would like us to lead a workshop or training on something not highlighted below, please let us know.

  • Emotional fitness for the workplace
  • Introduction to the emotional gym
    – building emotional muscle by bringing the
    body and mind together in an active workout
  • Emotional MOT for men
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Therapeutic drumming

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