Synergy Workshops

We currently run two workshops – Anger Management and Circle of Men.  Both workshops are held online and in person at The Bay Therapy Centre in West Bridgford, Nottingham.  Dates for 2022 will be released shortly.

Circle of Men


A group exclusively for men to make friendships and provide a safe space to improve emotional fitness.  2022 dates to be released soon.

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Anger Management Programme


Is it time to address your anger?  Do you shout & have angry outbursts?  Do you regularly feel irritable, ‘on edge’, moody & frustrated?  Or… are you confrontational, constantly critical, sarcastic & patronising? If this sounds like you & you would like to have greater control on your anger, then our Anger Management one day intensive programme could help you. 

About the programme

This programme will be facilitated by James and will have several components in it including: psycho-educational input (knowledge/understanding) listening and empathy to self and others, working in a group and resources in managing your emotions.  The programme is delivered as a one day intensive at Bay Therapy Centre in West Bridgford, Nottingham.  Dates for 2022 will be released soon, click the button below to get on our waiting list. The theme & benefits of the programme can be found here.

Sessions covered in the Anger Management programme

  • Understanding anger
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Styles of anger
  • Expression of anger
  • Communication skills
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Roots of our anger
  • Management of emotions
  • The benefits of anger expressed healthy
  • Anger as a defence system
  • Self-care
  • How to cope with other people’s anger

Benefits of joining the programme

  • Increased control of emotions
  • Better understanding of the roots of anger
  • Skills to build more satisfying relationships
  • Changing unhealthy behaviours
  • Development of communication skills
  • Reduction in alcohol consumption & smoking
  • Feeling happier & more content in self
  • Improvement in sleeping patterns
  • Overall sense of feeling happier & contentment
  • Learn how to be more assertive
  • Increased ability to deal with conflict
  • Reduction in stress