Therapy for Men

Men have been taught to keep emotions under control and have often not gained the skills to understand what they are feeling. At Synergy we are pleased to have developed a specialised men’s emotional fitness programme, counselling services & anger packages.

“It is possible to come across as bullish, argumentative, forceful, mouthy & yet be absolutely crippled emotionally”

Brian Moore ex England Rugby player


Emotional Coaching & Counselling Service

For many men feelings are confusing and even frightening. Most men when asked how they feel will respond with words like, ‘normal’, alright’ and ‘fine’, which usually doesn’t describe what they are actually feeling. Men have been taught to keep emotions under control and have often not gained the skills to understand what they are feeling. So when men are hit by an emotional crisis like a failure of a relationship, unemployment, anxiety attack, loss of confidence or energy, it can often feel like they are ‘losing it’.

Synergy have developed an emotional fitness programme designed especially for men where we can offer counselling & coaching, emotional fitness assessments & a package of anger management sessions to help you live a full & happy life.

The unwritten “male code”

Traditional masculinity has set certain benchmarks for what it means to be a man, failing to live up to this ‘male code’ can damage chances of belonging. These messages have been taught from birth with phrases such as ‘be strong’, ‘be tough’, ‘big boys don’t cry’, ‘you’re the man of the house’, ‘be a real man’, and ‘be a brave little soldier’. Most boys have had to learn how to survive by joining in with the game. This has often left men with a huge burden to prove that they are fit to belong to this dominant form of masculinity. When most men are asked what it means to be a man, most will say things like, be strong, be tough and be cool. However in working with a broad range of men, what I have discovered is that most men feel the opposite of these things, they often feel powerless inside, lonely, isolated and fear humiliation.

The unwritten rules that many men live by
Sourced from Men In Therapy – Meth & Pasick

Big boys don’t cry
Don’t ask for help
Stay in control
Be strong, be tough and show no weakness
Show limited physical affection to your friends

Do not show love or tenderness
Stay on top – winning is all there is!
Bullying & teasing are normal male communication
Be rational and logical at all times
Show no feelings except anger

build emotional fitness
with synergy

The Benefits of Building Emotional Muscle

Synergy Counselling Anger Management Nottingham

Many men are interested in building their bodies and building their brains but few are interested in building their emotional muscles. At Synergy we believe when time is spent in building emotional fitness with an emotional coach (eq coach) or counsellor the pay offs are enormous. By becoming emotionally fit men can take more control of their lives, increase communication skills, and build more satisfying relationships, becoming a better father and friend and increasing the ability to change behaviour. When men become more emotionally intelligent they are able to take responsibility for their emotions and behaviour.

learn to control your emotions

Top 10 Reasons Men Seek Counselling from Synergy

Relational difficulties

Anger management & lack of emotional control

Depression, stress, anxiety & shame

Sex, sexuality & masculinity issues

Addiction & substance abuse

Lack of connection with Mother or Father

Workplace issues including bullying, confidence & work/life balance

Emotional numbness

Lack of confidence & self esteem

Trauma, abuse & loss

Men from all walks of life are entering therapy including professional footballers, cage fighters, nightclub owners, builders, politicans, CEO’s , army veterans, doctors, teachers , mechanics and religious ministers.

Synergy is a fully inclusive practice and work with men between the ages of 18-75

Counselling/’coach’ service
– £45-£80 per session
MOT – 60 minute emotional fitness assessment £120
Basic service – MOT + 2 further sessions £275
Anger package – 5 sessions paid in advance £325- £375