Therapy for Women

Women are under immense pressure in today’s society, more so than ever.  Synergy can offer a friendly, welcoming and professional environment for women to work on emotional issues.  We provide emotional fitness assessments, MOT’s, counselling & psychotherapy.

“Thank you for your listening ears & guidance that has helped in leading me to my new life. I have discovered a lot about myself & I feel I can now put the past behind me & look forward. Thank you for helping me achieve this”

A comment from a previous client.

The pressures on women

Women are under immense pressure in today’s society with huge expectations internally and externally. Mothers struggle with juggling jobs, managing children, being a ‘perfect’ parent, domestic chores and sustaining relationships. Women are inundated with messages from the media to look beautiful, be thin, be the right shape, be sexy and be fashionable. Alongside this, other messages about femininity suggest that women should be passive, sweet and nice and have the ability to laugh at insults and sexism. To dare to be assertive or angry could get you pigeonholed as difficult or a strident feminist and you may be encouraged to ‘lighten up’ or not be ‘so serious’!

So how are women dealing with these pressures? Within a recent report, (women like me: supporting wellbeing in girls and women.) It was discovered that a third of women over 18 have taken anti depressants and 20% of women suffer from a common mental disorder typically depression or anxiety. 25% of women in the UK will experience some form of domestic violence including physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Many women are seeking to cope with these issues through drinking too much, isolating themselves from friends or family and self-harm.

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How can Synergy help?

Therapy for Women Synergy Counselling

Although women are typically more attuned to their feelings, it is still a vulnerable & difficult step to admit to an emotional issue & to book an appointment to see a counsellor. Synergy Counselling can offer support at emotionally challenging times in your life & believes that everyone has a right to be who they are & to move from survival strategies to living fully. 
We can offer face to face counselling sessions & psychotherapy in Nottingham designed just for women.  If time pressures mean you are unable to attend face to face sessions, then we can offer friendly online zoom therapy.

“Courage is being who you are”

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Top 10 Reasons Women Seek Counselling from Synergy

Relational & family issues

Self-harm & rejection

Self-image & self-confidence

Body image

Trauma & loss

Lacking confidence

Verbal, physical & sexual abuse

Guilt, shame & doubt

A sense of anger & powerlessness

Depression & anxiety

Women from all walks of life, culture, sexualities, professions & backgrounds between
the ages of 18- 75 access Synergy services. We are a fully inclusive practice.

Counselling/’coach’ service
– £45-£80 per session
MOT – 60 minute emotional fitness assessment £110